Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sweet Potato to wipe out hunger in Africa

It's that love of the Earth and its people that inspired Howard, of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation to make a donation of more than $3 million to the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis. Buffett's goal is to wipe out hunger in Africa. Click for Picture credit and information on developing Sweet Potatoes.
President Dr. ROGER BEACHY of the Danforth Center said the foundation was interested in the work the center was doing and asked it to consider expanding the scope its work.
The first goal of the project is creating a sweet potato that resists two separate viruses. In order to make that happen, scientists at the Danforth Center partnered with sweet potato experts in Peru and Uganda.
"It's essential that we have the folks from Uganda there because they tell us what varieties farmers prefer and they know how to work on the ground with the farmers," said Beachy.
But the team of scientists at the Danforth Center is dedicated to growing the world's best sweet potato, thanks to the generosity of a farmer who hopes to feed the hungry in Africa. Click for the complete story.

The Man Who Owned the Sky

Replica of the Curtiss Flyer and Stunt Pilot Lincoln Beachey displayed in the Aviation museum in McMinnville Oregon. Click here for More about Museum.
Lincoln Beachey, a memmer of the Curtiss aviation troupe and one of the most famous of our pioneering aviators, was the star attraction. Orville Wright himself once said, "An aeroplane in the hands of Lincoln Beachey is poetry. His mastery is a thing of beauty to watch. He is the most wonderful flier of all." On his last tour of 126 cities in 1914 his average audience was said to be over 100,000. The United States Congress adjourned twice from formal sessions, in 1906 and 1914, to witness his performances. He was universally declared "The World's Greatest Aviator" by everyone from Orville Wright to Glenn Curtiss, from poet Elbert Hubbard to inventors Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Lincoln Beachey, Inc., earned over $250,000 during 1914 ($3,750,000 in current dollars). Click to read more about Beachey in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.