Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chris Beachy

Chris Beachy, Minot State University biology professor, Minot ND USA
Students from area high schools take part in a trail exercise during the Mouse River Loop Envirothon Wednesday at the Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge. They also heard a lecture by CHRIS BEACHY, a Minot State University biology professor, on the importance of biodiversity. The students took notes during BEACHY's presentation and were required to give oral presentations during the afternoon.Winners of the local Envirothon will go on to compete at the state Envirothon near Cooperstown next spring. Click for the rest of the article by By ANDREA JOHNSON, Staff Writer Minot Daily News - Minot,ND,USA

Jed Beachy & Friends, Partridge Kansas

Picture and article credit--Kathy Hanks/The Hutchinson News) The sun rises behind students, from left, Matthew Nisly, Derek Miller and JED BEACHY as they ride west on Trail West Road into Partridge on Tuesday morning. Moses, the Nislys’ dog, follows. Click to read the complete article.