Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Craig Beachy

Craig Beachy Queen Charlotte Islands British Columbia Canada. Pictured here with a Halibut he caught this summer while fishing off shore. A fish this size is harpooned in order to bring them on broad. That explains the blood, and some of you didn't know fish had red blood?

Leo J. Beachy and Maxine Beachy Broadwater.

Leo J. Beachy - A Legacy Nearly Lost - In the early 1900s, photographer Leo Beachy took captivating images of life in Western Maryland, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, but most of his glass plate negatives were destroyed in 1927. In recent years, Beachy's niece, Maxine Broadwater, recovered 2,700 negatives and is working to bring her uncle's remarkable legacy back to life.
Leo Beachy's photographs are on display at the Grantsville Museum in Maryland - (301) 895-5454
2008 Operating Hours
1 pm - 4 pm
Fridays & Saturdays only
May 16 through October 31
Click to watch a great video of Leo's work, and Maxine.
Click for more pictures by Leo.

Janice Beachy & friends, OH.

A special thanks to the event committee members, JANICE BEACHY, Mary Ann Hickey, Maureen Kennedy, Linda Merckens, Barb Monak and Carol Wise who addressed envelopes, planned, shopped, cooked, decorated, moved tables, cleaned up and everything in between.
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