Monday, October 16, 2006

Gordon Beachy Promise made, Promise kept.

(World War II German Pill Box)
"A promise made is a debt unpaid" (R.S.) Gordon made a promise which he kept, so his debt has been paid. Gordon said, and I quote "I was a combat soldier in the second world war. I was an assistant on a flame thrower going across the Czaar River bristling with German pill boxes. I promised the Lord I would do anything for Him if I survived. The battle never went through and I spent another hitch in Germany and Japan. I got out and went to Bible college in 1950, where I met my wife, Carole. We went to Haiti in the Caribbean and spent 30 years there." (Missionaries) In my telephone conversation with Gordon, he told how he was jailed for 5 days when he first arrived in Haiti, no fault of his own. This is just one of the many stories Gordon has to tell. He is writing a book, hopefully we will be able to read about his experiences before long. Gordon and Carole are retired and living in Pensacola Florida. They have five children, two were born in Haiti. Gordon Jr. is serving in the military in Iraq at this time, expects to be home in November, 2006. Thanks Gordon and Carole, God Bless you and yours.