Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Lisa Beachy Taco Bell Spokeswoman

Chicago Tribune News
Taco Bell recently released a neon orange Dorito Loco taco, which boasted a crust flavored like the popular Dorito corn chip. At 170 calories for a regular taco and 200 for a "supreme," it's almost diet food compared to the Pizza Hut offerings.
Johnson, for one, hadn't heard of Dorito Loco or some of the other novelty items out there. Once alerted to their existence, she was kind of appalled.
"It sounds disgusting," she said. "Being a diabetic, I can't eat that kind of food. It would really harm my health."
Yet restaurants don't seem prepared to stop offering these items any time soon. Pizza Hut spokeswoman LISA BEACHY said these specialty offerings are largely a way to allow the chain's chefs to exercise their creativity.
"They're just kind of fun pieces that we bring out to amp up the flavor a bit," she said.
However, to some, these offerings seem to be in bad taste in a country where obesity has become a national health crisis. According to the American Heart Association, 149.3 million Americans age 20 or older are overweight or obese. Among children 2 to 19, about 1 in 3 are overweight and obese.
When asked about the health aspects of Pizza Hut's specialty items, BEACHY acknowledged that they need to be eaten responsibly.
"When it comes to any type of food, moderation is key," she said. More Chicago Tribune News Amanda Cuda Connecticut Post, Bridgeport 12:20 p.m. CDTMay 7, 2012