Thursday, February 08, 2007

Grandson Luke in Botswana

Luke said,
The Tortoise was one of the 3 reptiles I absolutely wanted to see here in Botswana.
Greg and I got out of the car and took some pictures. We then continued to
drive and it came to the point where we needed to head back to the gate as
the park was going to close soon. On our way back to the gate we saw a
massive reptile on the side of the road. It was a monitor Lizard! One of
the other 3 reptiles I wanted to see here. The amazing thing about this
monitor Lizard was its size. I had hoped to see one about a meter long (3
feet), the one we saw was at least 1.5m long (5 feet). It was so awesome.
With extreme excitement I began to explain to Greg how there were three
reptiles I really wanted to see in Botswana and I had just seen two of them
in less than 20 minutes and all I had left to see was a chameleon.
Two days later I had just gotten home from work when Lizelle called me
saying, bring your camera over, Dad found a chameleon! I took some pictures of the chameleon, then it hit me. There were 3 reptiles I wanted to see in Botswana. I had been here over 9 months and hadn't seen any of them, then in 3 days, I saw all of them, up close, and got them all on the same roll of film!
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