Tuesday, December 02, 2008

"The Best place on Earth" Written by Larry Beachy of Indiana

Funny, freezing water doesn’t feel that cold. Instead it burns or maybe a better description would be to say it stings!
Yes, sting is the best word to describe the freezing river water rapidly seeping through my layers of clothing. I had to get back to the surface in spite of my now heavy, soaked, hunting clothes. Click to read the rest of Larry's exciting story. Picture credit FCIT and Link

>UPDATE Dec.7< Trent Beachy, Golden Colorado

The most important news today is about Trent. I think all of you
have heard that he was involved in a severe accident just outside
Council Bluff Iowa and broke some vertebra in his neck. He was
transfered to Creighton University neurological department. He is scheduled for
surgery to fuse the broken vertebra. All in all we are very thankful that he
and his friends survived the crash.

The Golden Fire Department is sad to announce that two volunteer firefighters were injured in an auto accident over the holiday weekend, both were off-duty. Firefighters TRENT BEACHY, 25, and Bruce Peters, 43, were traveling back to Colorado after spending the Thanksgiving holiday with family in the mid-west when the accident occurred. Beachy’s girlfriend, Nancy, was also injured in the accident. Click here to read the full report by Jonathan Ashford in the YourHub.com - Dever CO