Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Kervin and Bonita Beachy, Salisbury Township Zoning PA

At its meeting Tuesday, April 23, Salisbury Township's Zoning Hearing Board denied a request from Kervin and Bonita Beachy, of 1022 Elwood Street, Narvon, to move their trucking business to a 10-acre wooded tract on Paes Road near Sandmine Road, in the open space/conservation district.
Beachy had asked for two variances and a special exception to park two logging trucks and a tractor-trailer, and to operate outside the hours stipulated by the ordinance.
Beachy said he would build a 40-by-80-foot shop to service the vehicles. "With trucks, the schedule varies. For some jobs, I might have to leave at 3 a.m.," he said.
Neighbor Jeff Martin expressed concern about the noise three diesel trucks would make at such hours. Beachy acknowledged, "on a cold day, they will idle more than five minutes."
The board did not deliberate long. "This goes way beyond what the open space district was set up for," said Chairman Larry Martin.
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ramon Antonio Beachy, Lancaster PA

A Lancaster man is back behind bars.
Ramon Antonio Beachy, 28, who has listed addresses in Gap and Lancaster city, walked into the lobby of Lancaster County Prison at 9:30 p.m. Monday and turned himself in, state police Trooper David Boehm said.
Originally Published Apr 10, 2013 10:49
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Ellis Beachy Chamber President

Mayor Jim Staff, Chamber of Commerce Director Sheryl Vickery and chamber president Ellis Beachy attended Monday's ground-breaking at Brookley Field in Mobile Richard Maxwell, president of the Atmore Industrial Development Board, said Airbus, at least for now, will have parts produced overseas and shipped to the plant for assembly. He added that it will take a few years before suppliers move into the area. But Atmore officials have made sure they are known in the Airbus process. Mayor Jim Staff, Chamber of Commerce Director Sheryl Vickery and chamber president Ellis Beachy attended Monday’s ground-breaking at Brookley Field in Mobile.
Beachy, also owner of Escofab in Atmore, a metal fabrication and machining facility, said he does expect the plant to have an impact.
“If it doesn’t affect existing business, it will bring in new business,” he said. “There will be an opportunity for companies to supply through the building process and through the manufacturing as well.” Click here for article in the Atmore Advance, AL

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ken Beachy Fairfield Montana

“Our bread sales more than doubled what we were doing before we began selling at Eagle IGA,” said Beachy. “For us here at the restaurant, the bread and baked goods were not a cashflow item… they were a draw to bring in customers for our restaurant.”

But Beachy has found that the move to retail has caused the Cozy Corner to increase the amount of other baked goods they produce. “Stuff that hardly moved here at the cafĂ©, we can hardly keep on the shelves at the IGA.”

At the Cozy Corner, the homemade cookies are the best seller, with wheat and white bread coming in second and third. Beachy is working to expand the bread offerings to include French bread, rye and hot dog buns. Plans are in the works to broaden the line of sweet offerings as well. The Cozy Corner is working on a line of frozen pies that will allow IGA shoppers to have the convenience of frozen pies with the taste… and that irresistible aroma… of a Cozy Corner pie.

Beachy says that the bakery operates every day the “Cozy”, as it’s known around Fairfield, is open. Asked to describe what makes the bread so special, he says “It’s a homestyle bread… no preservatives.” Even the flour used is an “heirloom” type; not genetically modified. Read the complete article by Darryl L. Flowers published Tuesday, March 12, 2013. Fairfield Sun Times

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Roger Beachy Global Institute for Food Security

Roger Beachy, the former president of theDonald Danforth Plant Science Center, will head up a new $50 million research institution in Saskatoon, Canada.
Beachy will lead the Global Institute for Food Security, a new institute created by the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, the University of Saskatchewan and Potash Corp., a producer of fertilizer and industrial and animal feed products. Funding of $35 million for the institute was provided by Potash Corp., and $15 by the province.
Beachy will serve as the executive director and CEO of the new institute and help it get off the ground, a role he played as the founding president of the Danforth Plant Science Center here. After its startup phase, Beachy will remain actively involved in the institute in a senior oversight capacity, according to a statement.
"I was drawn to the vision of the new Institute and the spirit of innovation and collaboration that led to its creation," Beachy said in a statement. "With Saskatchewan's unique strengths in bio-science and agriculture, I am committed to helping GIFS take its place among the most exceptional in the world."
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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Rob Beachy on Mass Shootings

Rob Beachy came up with an interesting premises.  "Could it possibly be that we have always had multiple killings over the years but they did not receive the publicity that they do now because of mass media? Rob did a study on Mass shootings and crime rates and even submitted a graph to illustrate his point: FBI statistics on the US Homicide Rate (per 100,000) 1950-2007. I made it into a chart for easier viewing. It shows some interesting data. 2009 was on par with the mid 60's. I did not expect to see the rise and fall like it shows. Is this the result of efforts to eliminate violent crime? Federal assault rifle ban was 1994-2004. I would say this pretty much shows what I was getting at. If I was to guess, based on news reports, I would expect the line to be headed up and up. Thanks Rob for your remarks and chart.