Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stephen C. Beachy College Station, TX, USA

Friday, Central Park was renamed Stephen C. Beachy Central Park in honor of the city's first Parks and Recreation Director. The man responsible for helping quadruple the number of parks in College Station now has one of his own. In his time with the city, Beachy was responsible for developing a nationally-recognized system of parks, programs and services. He worked for the city 30 years before retiring last year, and Beachy says the best days for the city and the department are still to come. The parks' offices Beachy worked at are actually located in Central Park, which now bears his name. Click for the complete article Posted: 6:07 PM Oct 17, 2008Reporter: KBTX Staff College Station,TX,USA

Bishop Jacob Beachy Explains Culture

Photo by Jill Gosche
An Amish bishop shared insight into his culture's faith, history, lifestyle and shunning as part of Tiffin-Seneca Public Library's Community Wide Read. When discussing faith, Bishop Jacob Beachy said Amish do not look down on those who are not Amish. "We don't feel that we are any better," he said. Beachy, who was ordained in 1970, talked at the library Saturday afternoon. Library patrons are reading--"Plain Secrets: An Outsider among the Amish" by Joe Mackall.-- Beachy said Amish trace their roots to Switzerland. They migrated from Switzerland because of religious persecution and settled in Pennsylvania and Holmes County, he said. Click for a recommended article, By Jill Gosche, Tiffin Advertiser Tribune - Tiffin,OH,USA