Friday, July 11, 2008

Ed and Brenda Beachy

Photo by MICHAEL GALLACHER/Missoulian MT.
Brenda Beachy and her husband Ed display one of the numerous quilts that will be auctioned off Saturday July 12, at the sixth annual Mission Valley Auction in St. Ignatius MT. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Amish School in St. Ignatius.
Saturday's auction, which will take place just off Foothills Road just outside St. Ignatius, will also feature a host of other Amish-made products. There'll be Leroy Miller's handcrafted timberframe home, Ed Beachy's garden shed and a gazebo.
You can also bid at live auction for two log-cabin kits, lawn furniture, log beds and furniture, as well as some high-end hardwood furniture.
“Most everything other than the quilts was made right here in the valley,” Ed Beachy said.
The Amish came to the Mission Valley in 1997, led by a handful of families who left another Amish community in Rexford.
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Watch a video about the Amish quilts, by Letty Hingtgen