Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beachy News Will Include Peachey News

In 1767 Peter (Bitsche) Beachy came to America from Switzerland. He had three sons Peter, Abraham, and Moses. Two of the sons Peter and Abraham and their descendents go by the name Beachy. Moses and his descendents go by the name Peachey.
When ever Peachey news becomes available it will be posted along with Beachy news.
Any news items please send to Glen Beachy,

Dion & Naty Peachey

Dion and Naty began a two-year term as RMM missionaries in February 2005. They are working to plant house churches among the Hispanic population of their neighborhood on the west side of Columbus. They are making plans to go to South America in 2007 as RMM missionaries. "May God Blessings go with you" (Keep in touch)