Monday, March 12, 2007

Brian L. Beachy

Brian showed his boat at the boat show in Depoe Bay Oregon. I tryed to call him on the phone, the recording said the phone was no longer in service.
It looks like a labor of love to hand craft a boat of such beauty. Anyone know where Brian lives? Let me know, maybe he is building another boat?

Freeman Beachy - Pinecraft FL

Rebecca Malbry credit for picture & article.

It's a home away from home, says Freeman Beachy of Arthur. Beachy first saw Pinecraft as a teenager in the '50s. He and his wife, Bertha, took occasional vacations there, and then about 12 years ago they built a small "spec" home. Bertha liked it so well they decided to keep it, and now spend five months a year there.
For more information about Pinecraft click. Sounds like a great winter hangout.