Monday, February 09, 2009

Idaho Truck Logger Willie Peachey

Picture credit Associated Logging Contractors INC Idaho
At the ALC we work to keep Idaho Loggers in Business!

Truck Logger Willie Peachey of Bonners Ferry Idaho owns and drives his own logging truck. Little did he realize the logs he was hauling to Riley Creek Mill would end up as the lumber to build the Inaugaration Platform for the new president January 2009. Click here to see pictures of Riley Creek Lumber in front of the Capitol Building. This must say something positive about the lumber coming from Idaho.

EMU - Facilitator Byron Peachey

Thoughts on the Bible: Relic or Relevant
What is your take on the Bible? Is it a relic? Is it simply history or literature? Is it relevant to your live and to our culture in this day and age? Does any of this matter? Engage these questions and more with a panel of students, instructors, and campus pastors: John Tyson, Jason Sprunger, Nancy Heisey, Emily Redding, and Chris Johnson. Facilitated by BYRON PEACHEY. Click to see the list of events, dates and location. Eastern Mennonite University News - Harrisonburg, VA, USA