Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vern Beachy

I have finished my memoir A Tear-Stained Letter two months ahead of time. Poetically, during the week of Melinda’s birthday on October 8th. After 7 months of writing, 70,229 words, about 300 to 350 printed pages. My literary agent is excited about the possibility of a ‘sale’ to a publisher soon.
Tear-Stained Letter is one of the most personal things I have ever written and probably will ever write again. My therapist told me early on to write a letter to Melinda as a way to ease the grieving process. I decided to turn that letter into a book, that is why the title.
I have started writing another book, also a memoir. This one deals with having multiple sclerosis and my ability to walk again with the help of a new MS drug called Tysabri (that and many prayers). Click for pictures and more information about Vern on his web site.