Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ida Kaufman Beachy (1909-1984) ShooFly Pies Live On

The Shoofly Pie in the picture was baked from Ida Beachy's recipe. The Recipe was passed on down to Ida's son Dr. Larry Beachy of ID. In June 2009 Larry shared the recipe with Melba Beachy of Creston BC who baked the pie shown in the picture. "What an honor to enjoy a fresh baked pie from the recipe of an ancestor so long ago." Very good by the way! Thanks Larry.

Larry Beachy on Blue Bird Houses

Picture credit to Marcy & Bryce.
Larry said "we spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon with Marcy and Bryce out on their new deck. They have a menagerie of birds flying around their back yard.
Beautiful orioles, barn swallows, and to my excitement a pair of
Eastern Bluebirds. I quickly made up my mind that those Blue birds
needed a house and sent one up to Bryce and Marcy with Christine.
Marcy sent me this picture of the new owner standing guard over his new digs.
Just a few years ago they were almost extinct. If anyone needs a set of plans for a blue house or to build a blue bird trail please let me know." Send requst to this site and I will pass it on, address under profile.