Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Kervin and Bonita Beachy, Salisbury Township Zoning PA

At its meeting Tuesday, April 23, Salisbury Township's Zoning Hearing Board denied a request from Kervin and Bonita Beachy, of 1022 Elwood Street, Narvon, to move their trucking business to a 10-acre wooded tract on Paes Road near Sandmine Road, in the open space/conservation district.
Beachy had asked for two variances and a special exception to park two logging trucks and a tractor-trailer, and to operate outside the hours stipulated by the ordinance.
Beachy said he would build a 40-by-80-foot shop to service the vehicles. "With trucks, the schedule varies. For some jobs, I might have to leave at 3 a.m.," he said.
Neighbor Jeff Martin expressed concern about the noise three diesel trucks would make at such hours. Beachy acknowledged, "on a cold day, they will idle more than five minutes."
The board did not deliberate long. "This goes way beyond what the open space district was set up for," said Chairman Larry Martin.
Click for complete article By John Friel Corresponent Lancaster Newspapers