Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Black Bears 2006 BC

There are reasons to think that parts of the Queen Charlotte Islands off the north coast of British Columbia were not covered during the ice age. There is a species of Black Bear living there that is a bit different than the Black Bears on the mainland. A few of them have been large enough to make the record books.
Now deer hunters are finding that some of the Black Bears will come to a deer call. It would seem they have developed a taste for deer meat, and respond when they hear a deer call while other Bears show no interest in a deer call. Craig Beachy was using a deer call when the Bear in the picture came looking for something to eat. When it smelled the deer in the back of his pickup truck it climbed right in prepared to help himself to a free lunch. When Craig started to drive away it jumped out, but appeared reluctant to leave a good meal behind. British Columbia has an abundance of bears at this time and they don't have the fear of people like they used to. Anyone going into the bush should be aware of the Black Bears.