Tuesday, May 03, 2011

AJ Peachey & Son's Inc Belleville, Pennsylvania

Name the Pig Contest The Results Are In!
The results are in! The Peachey Pig has a name - Peaches! Congratulations to Terry McMinn on being our grand prize winner
Click here to see the four runner up names.

Amanda Jo Beachy, Congratulations

Florida Gulf Coast University Spring 2011 Graduate.
Naples Daily News

Laura Beachy Somerset County PA

Every year, 35 Syracuse University students are named Remembrance Scholars and are awarded $5,000 scholarships for their academic achievement, citizenship and service to the community
When LAURA BEACHY visited Syracuse University as a senior in high school, she knew she wanted to be a part of the Remembrance Scholars. "My dad and I both knew that it was something I was looking to apply to," said Beachy, who visited during SU's Remembrance Week in 2006. Beachy and 34 other students entering their senior year of college were announced as Remembrance Scholars on Monday. SU officials established the scholars to honor the 35 students who were killed during the Dec. 21, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 bombing in Lockerbie, Scotland. Beachy, a television, radio and film and anthropology major, said she has seen the firsthand effects of terrorism. "It's just something I have lived with and been very close to," said Beachy, who is from Somerset County, Pa., where Flight 93 went down on 9/11. After seeing the families and friends that were affected by the tragedy, she said she felt as if she could relate to the purpose of the Remembrance Scholars and felt it was her obligation to apply. Click here for the article By Dara McBride News Editor Daily Orange Tuesday, May 3, 2011