Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nathan Beachy La Joya AZ

 He is a softball loving English teacher.
          His name is Nathan Beachy. He teaches freshman and junior English.
Beachy was born in Everett, Washington, on Oct. 23, 1981. He graduated from Arlington High School in 2000 and then went to Eastern Oregon University and graduated in 2005.
          Beachy has been teaching for six years, but he is just in his second year at La Joya. Before he worked at La Joya, he worked at Estrella Vista and Underdown Junior High School.
          “I love it here at La Joya,” he said.
          Beachy has wife and two young children. His wife’s name is Laura and they have been married for six years. He has three-year-old daughter named Maddison and a seven-month-old son named Nolan.
          As a child, Beachy was very hyper. He loved playing baseball and his Nintendo. He played baseball throughout high school and college. He now coaches the girls’ softball team.
          “I think softball is moving in the right direction,” he said.
          Throughout his life Beachy did not like to read, but he now teaches English. The one person who changed Beachy’s mind about English was his sophomore English teacher. Beachy said the way he taught the class made it seems like an interesting and fun job to have.
          One of Beachy’s co-workers, biology teacher Stephen Nowbath, said Beachy is outgoing and funny. Beachy and Nowbath met while teaching at Estrella Vista and now whenever the New York Jets play most likely those two teachers will be together.
          One of Beachy’s softball player, sophomore Kiarra DeVan, said Beachy is a motivational softball coach and a really funny teacher.
“He is an awesome teacher and really funny,” she said
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Jonas Beachy Laurelville Ohio

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