Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tiffany Beachy With Galapagos Pictures

Above picture, a Sally light foot crab.
A note came just today from Tiffany. She said "I finally got some pics from the Galapagos up on Picasa. A lovely 8 days or so in one of the most amazing places on earth..."
I viewed these pictures, they are the greatest! Complete with captions. Click here to go to her picture site. Or copy and paste the following address,
Thanks Tiffany for sharing your pictures with those of us who will never be blessed to see Galapagos in real life.

Canadian Beachys Discover "Hub Cap Art"

The art form that is created on the wheels of vehicles while driving on winter roads is amazing. I'm sure us Canadian Beachys are not the first to find a bit of pleasure in this art form. It does add a bit of enjoyment to our long winters. Sharing with friends increases the pleasure. Enjoy!
Send your "Hub Cap Art" pictures for posting. Click on my profile in side bar for address.