Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ken Beachy Fairfield Montana

“Our bread sales more than doubled what we were doing before we began selling at Eagle IGA,” said Beachy. “For us here at the restaurant, the bread and baked goods were not a cashflow item… they were a draw to bring in customers for our restaurant.”

But Beachy has found that the move to retail has caused the Cozy Corner to increase the amount of other baked goods they produce. “Stuff that hardly moved here at the cafĂ©, we can hardly keep on the shelves at the IGA.”

At the Cozy Corner, the homemade cookies are the best seller, with wheat and white bread coming in second and third. Beachy is working to expand the bread offerings to include French bread, rye and hot dog buns. Plans are in the works to broaden the line of sweet offerings as well. The Cozy Corner is working on a line of frozen pies that will allow IGA shoppers to have the convenience of frozen pies with the taste… and that irresistible aroma… of a Cozy Corner pie.

Beachy says that the bakery operates every day the “Cozy”, as it’s known around Fairfield, is open. Asked to describe what makes the bread so special, he says “It’s a homestyle bread… no preservatives.” Even the flour used is an “heirloom” type; not genetically modified. Read the complete article by Darryl L. Flowers published Tuesday, March 12, 2013. Fairfield Sun Times