Monday, April 07, 2008

Jessica Beachy & Ramelle Beachy

The 1987-88 team, from left to right. Back row: head coach Duane Siverson, student manager Julie Hunt, Kim Fierke, Nancy Jacobson, Patty Kubow, Michelle Thykeson, Sandi Leines, Barb Ambuehl, Rhonda Schneekloth, assistant coach Jerry Pyle. Front row: Becky Ehnert, Donna Cummings, MaryLee Legried, Jessica Beachy, Ramelle Beachy, Cheri Beyer, Jillayn Quaschnick, Angie Pagel. Special to The Forum, Fargo ND
Published Thursday, April 03, 2008
The Concordia women’s basketball team made a pact in Scranton, Pa., shortly after their loss in the 1987 NCAA Division III national championship game. The pact was honored on March 19, 1988. Click to read the rest of the story and what is taking place in the life of some of these girls.

Lincoln Beachey

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: Lincoln Beachey leaves aviation mark on Terre Haute "The online edition of the Tribune-Star Terre Haute, Indiana"
Frank Marrero, one of Beachey’s biographers, declared that Lincoln was the first pilot to fly upside down; the first in America to loop-the-loop and the first in the world to master the backward somersault; the first pilot to tail-slide on purpose; the first to figure out how to pull out of a tail-spin; the first to fly inside a building; the first to pick up a handkerchief from the ground with his wing tip; and the first man to fly an airplane over Manhattan, Washington, D.C., Toronto and several other American cities. Click to read this account by By Mike McCormick
Special to the Tribune-Star