Thursday, July 02, 2009

Born On The Fourth of July

In my computer data bank there are only six Beachys that were born on the Fourth of July.
This goes all the way back to 1767 when the first Beachy family came from Switzerland. The youngest Beachy (William) born on July 4th will be five years old this year. The oldest Beachy (Noah) born on July 4th will be eighty three this year. In 242 years only six Beachys that I know of were born on July 4th. (must be more I don't know of)
The first Beachy family landed in Baltimore Maryland in 1767, Forty seven years before America became an independent nation. Did our ancestors on their farms hear the battle with the British at Fort McHenry in Baltimore? When the British ships bombarded Fort McHenry for 25 hours. If they never heard the canons in the war with the British in 1814. For sure they would hear the battles of the Civil war that was fought all around them in Pennsylvania in 1863. Abraham Beachy 57 years before the civil war built a stone house that is still being lived in today. Located in West Salisbury PA.


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