Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Shem T. Peachey

Shem T. Peachey of Alamogordo New Mexico. A Border Patrol veteran of over 27 years, has announced his retirement effective this July, 2008. "Congratulations & best wishes in your retirement."
Alamogordo Sunset by Shirley and Ken Leung click for more photos

Timothy Beachy, Iowa

Photos via eric stoller on flickr
Iowa River: The flood may be over, but for those homes and businesses that were touched by the floodwaters, the real work has only begun. Residents, business owners, volunteers and contractors have been working to clean out buildings inundated during the flooding.
Independent organizations, such as the Haven Mennonite Church based in Kalona, also have organized cleanup efforts. TIMOTHY BEACHY, 26, said he has volunteered four days, helping tear out wet carpet, drywall and insulation from the homes of elderly Normandy Drive residents. "They can't get done thanking us, they really appreciate it," Beachy said his church has been helping the area for two weeks and will continue until the work is done. "For a lot of people, if they had to do it themselves, they just couldn't foot it," Click to read the complete article by Tyler O'Neil • Iowa City Press-Citizen • July 8, 2008