Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Beachy Amish 1927

Some leave the Old Order Amish and find themselves excommunicated. Others leave and join the Beachy Amish Mennonites and find themselves still in good relationships with the Old Order members. Bishop Moses M. Beachy was ordained in the Old Order. He announced that he would neither excommunicate nor shun Old Order Amish who had become Amish Mennonites. His church members deviated further from Old Order traditions, by founding Sunday schools, meeting in a church building, wiring their homes for commercial electricity, relaxing dress standards, and buying automobiles. For the next three decades, the movement spread to Indiana. Kansas, Ohio, and Ontario, Canada.
"We should not allow ourselves to become so entangled with our traditions that we transgress the commandments of God" Matt. 15: 3-9 Moses Beachy. Posted by Picasa

Sun City Awning, Surprise Arizona (next three posts)

Sun City Awning & Patio started doing business in 1971 and was purchased by the Beachy Family in 1978. Today we are the largest business of our kind in Arizona. Even though we've grown significantly over the years, we still keep a small-company focus with individual customer attention. is a user friendly web site. Posted by Picasa

Al & Martha Beachy

Al and Martha bought Sun City Awning in 1978 after moving to Arizona from Hartville, Ohio.
They married in 1962, had four children, and now have 10 grandchildren. They continue to contribute their valuable skills and expertise even after selling the company to Brian. (See next post below.) Posted by Picasa

Brian Beachy

Brian is Al & Martha's son. He has worked for Sun City Awning since 1989 and purchased the company in 2002. He earned a business degree in Marketing from ASU West in 1995 and married Cathy in 1999. They have two children: Zachary and Benjamin Posted by Picasa