Sunday, December 30, 2007

Teacher Sarah Beachy

School Lets Students Pick Courses, Make Rules
DALE ENTERPRISE - At a new private school in Rockingham County, students are creating their own curriculum. "The philosophy is based on the idea that everyone has a drive to learn within themselves without someone saying, ‘You have to learn this,'" Beachy said. "All day they're thinking, ‘What do I want to do and how do I make it happen?'" Click to read the article and comments. Harrisonburg Daily News Record - Harrisonburg,VA, By Jenny Jones Photo by Pete Marovich

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Titus Peachey

To ban the (cluster) bomb Lancaster resident Titus Peachey has worked for years to try to stop the carnage. Now, says Peachey, who returned earlier this month from a cluster bomb conference in Austria, the world might be getting somewhere. Today, said Peachey, the MCC director of peace education, stockpiles of mines are falling. Even nations that did not sign the treaty, such as the United States, have largely refrained from deploying new mines. The British-based organization estimated that the bombs have killed or injured more than 100,000 people worldwide. Click to read the article By JON RUTTER, Staff writer.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gary Beachy

Gary wrote from Tillamook Oregon. We survived the big storm fairly well. Had to live with generators for 4 days and was flooded in for 2 but had nowhere to go anyway. If anyone is interested in the damage to the RR where I used to work, you can go to, Sure glad I'm not there any longer. "The pictures on this site really tell it all." gb. Thanks Gary.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Merry Christmas! To all you invisible people out there in the magic world of the internet. May your New Year be the best ever!


Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!
From Glen & Melba Beachy editor of Beachy Echoes

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jeff Peachey

Jeffrey S Peachey, owner of a New York City-based studio for book conservation, spoke about the common structural points in failure of conserving books from late 15th and early 16th Bibles at the L. Tom Perry Special Collections. It is a nightmare for conservators to see a book such as a Victorian Bible with brutal papers and taped all over, Peachey said. The oldest book that Peachey has worked on is a Gutenberg Bible, the first printed book in 1453. Click to read the article by Stella Chu. BYU NewsNet
Photo by Luis Carillo
New York studio owner Jeffrey S. Peachey discusses the care and conservation of books in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections section of the Harold B. Lee Library Thursday night.

Amish Website

Amish.Net is America's first website devoted to Amish Country information, Amish made products and tourism services. Here you'll learn about the Amish people and history, the Amish culture, and its best-known icon, the horse-drawn Amish buggy. Browse online stores featuring handcrafted Amish quilts, Amish furniture, dolls and other crafts. Sample Amish foods and recipes. Better yet, plan your visit to Amish Country here. See Amish farmers working their fields, savor the aroma of home-cooked Amish noodles, and relax to the clip-clop sounds of a bygone era. Click here, You'll find it all here today...only in America's Amish Country

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Clint Beachy

Owner operator Clint Beachy is loading logs on a off highway logging truck. I suspect the loader operators try to see who can build the biggest load. The exceptional big loads are known as Picture Loads, that is when the cameras come out to record the big ones. This picture was taken on the Q.C.Islands off the west coast of B.C.

Dr, Paul Peachey

Father George McLean (r.), general editor, presents Paul Peachey with a copy of his book "Building Peace and Civil Society: An Autobiographical Report from a Believers' Church" Photo by Ray

At EMU, Eastern Menonite Univesity, the Anabaptist Center for Religion and Society (ACRS) sponsored a conference entitled "The Church - Catholic and Anabaptist." The initiative for the Nov. 29-30 event was a long-standing friendship between Dr. Paul Peachey and Father George McLean. Roman Catholics and Mennonites are engaging each other in discussions at many levels. Click to read article by, Albert N. Keim professor emeritus of history at Eastern Mennonite University, posted December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dean Beachy

Bizzness Trip and Image Master put together a memorable mile in Monday's $8,400 finale of the November to Remember Series at Northfield Park. Bizzness Trip, owned and trained by Dean Beachy, and owner-trainer Dee Hotton's Image Master, each won a pair of preliminaries in the late-season trotting event for colts and geldings. Image Master was the 11-10 favorite over the 9-5 entry of Bizzness Trip and Jailhouse Justice. Click to read the article by D'Arcy Egan Plain Dealer Reporter HORSE RACING INSIDER

Lloyd Beachy

Voicing a completely different view, Lloyd Beachy, a former mayor of New London, said the state should either listen to local officials or just stay out of development entirely. He argued that the state has been more of a hindrance than a help at the Norwich Hospital property, the former Seaside Regional Center in Waterford and State Pier and Fort Trumbull in New London. Click to read the article By Lee Howard,'' Connecticut, Published on 12/7/2007

Philip Beachy Ph.D.

'Fate Therapeutics' founders include researchers from across the United States.
— Philip Beachy, Ph.D., Stanford University Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine and HHMI has pioneered the use of synthetic small molecules and natural products to manipulate activities of developmental and stem cell signaling pathways in vitro and in vivo. Click to read the complete article.December 8th, 2007 Posted by: myambutol.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Director Debie Beachy, Sean Beachy on piano,

Cumberland Times-News, — GRANTSVILLE — The United Community Choir will present two performances of a Christmas cantata, “Season of Wonders,” celebrating the Miracle of Christmas written by Joseph M. Martin. The cantata is directed by Debi Beachy and accompanied on the piano by Sean Beachy. The choir consists of 50 members from the Grantsville, Salisbury, Swanton and Frostburg areas. Click for details

Roman and Wilma Beachy 50th anniversary

Roman and Wilma Beachy, Hutchinson, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a family dinner and card shower. Information from the Hutchinson News on Line.
Beachy and the former Wilma Bontrager were married Dec. 19, 1957, in Yoder. He continues to farm after retiring from the dairy business in 2002. She is a homemaker and enjoys piecing quilts and spending time with her grandchildren. Click for details Hutchinson News on Line

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Roger Beachy

A couple of weeks ago, I heard Roger Beachy, the president of the nonprofit Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St. Louis, speak about genetically engineered crops.
Beachy is a big name in science, and I was excited to be there, especially during the question and answer hullabaloo after his lecture. For example, Beachy and others want to develop more nutritious subsistence crops for the Third World. Do the poor and hungry have a right to use these technologies? Should the developed world create barriers to their access, legislatively or otherwise? Click to read the complete article by Megan McKenzie in the Corvallis Gazette Times.

Stephen Beachy

Beachy is one of several readers who challenged my suggestion of putting a new stadium in the Gateway area closer to Tampa and Clearwater.
You can't fight City Hall, and supposedly you can't fight Wal-Mart, but I admire the folks in Tarpon Springs for insisting that the corporate retail giant not build on the banks of the Anclote River.
Read the complete article, By ERNEST HOOPER, Times Staff Writer St.Petersburg Times
Published November 26, 2007

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Miriam Beachy on Music,

Does God Only Speak Through Christian Music?
God is not limited to any certain song or anything when He chooses to get our attention. He chose a donkey in the Old Testament to speak to Balaam. For what it's worth here are my thoughts on this subject. - God is not limited to any certain song or anything when to read Miriam's thoughts on music.

Coach Arden Beachy

( Arden Beachy called a timeout to set up a final shot,....Click to read the complete story by By Wayne "Wheaties" Wallin Sports Writer. Picture:Pequot LakesU Emily Lueck

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Clint Beachy, lost pup found.

A fuzzy black-and-brown puppy named Triton has been reunited with his family after spending almost two weeks lost in the wilderness outside Port Clements. (BC Canada)
Port resident Debbie Delves found Triton on Friday (Nov. 16), 13 days after the little rottweiler/border collie/lab cross had gone missing while out driving with owner Clint Beachy on the logging roads.
Volunteers spent hours scouring the forest for the pup, who was only 10 weeks old when he disappeared. Searchers were almost ready to give up when Nov.14 Clint received a phone call from someone who had spotted Triton. That sighting revived the search, Ms Ryland and others spent hours looking for the puppy the next day, with no success.
On Friday, Ms Delves decided to head out with her two-year-old grandson, Kao. She brought puppy chow with her, thinking she would at least leave a dish of food in the area where Triton had last been seen, the Flo logging road. "It was snowing like crazy," she said. "Then, I saw this little black head pop out of the ditch." At first, she thought it was a raccoon and was about to move on, but then she heard the jingling of Triton's choke chain. She quietly crept towards the ditch, shaking the food dish - and the very hungry puppy leapt towards her, knocking the dish out of her hand in his excitement. "He was definitely skinny, but he was fine," she said. "I was just in the right place at the right time."
Ms Delves, an experienced dog owner, said she has no idea how the puppy managed to survive in the woods for so long.
Thanks to the Click for rest of the article.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Johanna Beachy's compassion,"Rwanda"

"Thu, 22 Nov 2007--in less than 24 hours I am getting on a plane and going to Kigali, Rwanda. I will be there for 6 months attending a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission. This will be fulfilling a deep longing of my heart...
November 24, 2007--So I made it just fine even though the flight was long and horrible. I wanted to turn the plane around and go home until...I got to Kigali and I recognized the smell. The smell of Africa! I will love it here, no running water but... oh well! Kigali is beautiful!" For more information click on Johanna's blogsite. "May God Bless and keep you" gb.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Marcia Beachy, MS, LPC

Marcia Beachy of Pueblo CO became a professional counselor - and more. She has a master's degree in counseling from Northern Illinois University and is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist; a specialist in past-life, present-life and between-life regression therapy; a certified massage therapist; a reiki master; and a trained bereavement facilitator. click for the complete story by Scott Smith, The Pueblo Chieftain Online

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Glen Beachy Is Back

The above picture is of yours truly celebrating my birthday Nov. 9, 2007. I'm in the Cranbrook BC hospital having crushed ice only. I missed posting Beachy news on this site for a few weeks, it is good to be back on line. I will spare you the details of the past. Next step is an ultra sound and when the Oncologist has all the information they will decide what kind of treatment I will be given. Signed, Glen of Beachy Echoes blog site.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Terry Beachy, Coordinator

Mountaintop Truck Driving Institute, the branch of Garrett College is emphasizing the current need for drivers in the state and the benefits of such a job. "We see people working fast-food jobs at minimum wage," Terry Beachy, coordinator, said, "and truck drivers can work and earn $38,000 to $40,000. People can find jobs around here with anyone that delivers a product locally."
Instructor Jack Gauntz, standing, and student Ronald Shaffer go over some of the fine points of learning to drive a tractor-trailer. Click for the rest of the article, Sarah Moses/Cumberland Times-News

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tim Beachy B.C. Canada

Tim Beachy is the CEO of the Co-op. He has more than 30 years in the non-profit sector. Prior to founding the Co-op, Tim held the position of Vice President of United Way of Canada and Executive Director of the Community Social Service Employers Association of B.C. Tim leads the Co-op’s Strategic Consulting Partnership and works directly with many organizations that are undertaking co-operative and enterprising development. Click for more about Tim.

Irene Beachy, baker at 'The Olde Mill'

The Olde Mill Restaurant’s goal was to create something that no one else in the market had. Bakers like Irene Beachy come in at 3 a.m. every morning to prepare bread, sweet rolls, cinnamon buns, cupcakes and other treats. Beachy said baking brings a sense of calm and accomplishment.
“We enjoy it,” Beachy said.
"Where else do you get freshly baked homemade bread that comes with Amish-made peanut butter and strawberry jam?" said carpenter Roy Hash.
Photo by Hunter Wilson/Daily News
The Olde Mill owners Lawrence Baer (from left), Steven Hostetler and Leonard Baer stand in front of the eatery at 102 Armory Drive in Russellville, KY. Click to read the article by Ameerah Cetawayo, The Daily News

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jonathan Beachy

Culture for Service Award will be presented to Goshen College alumni Jonathan W. Beachy ’72 of San Antonio, Texas, The Culture for Service Awards, given annually, honor Goshen College graduates who have made lifelong commitments to service, which can take many forms.
In total, Beachy and his family spent over 30 years in Paraguay. During this time, Beachy worked as a nurse, chaplain, translator and mentor, among other things. “My Mennonite roots, and education prior to and at Goshen, were crucial in connecting me to service, to living simply, to being a peacemaker, to caring about society’s ‘rejects,’” he said. Click to read more about Jonathan's calling in life and his family.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Kenneth Beachy

GIBSON CITY, Workers clean up grain spilled from a semi-truck trailer after a train hit the trailer. Picture for the Pantagraph/SARAH BACHTOLD.
No one was injured when a grain truck was hit by an eastbound train about 4:40 p.m. Wednesday at Illinois 47 and 9 near Gibson City. Kenneth Beachy, 48, of Foosland, was hauling grain for Birky Farms. The train hit the trailer, cutting it in half. Click to read the complete story by Pantagraph staff.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Warren Peachey, Lancaster County PA

New Holland Farmers Fair opens Wed. Oct 3, 2007."Come out for good food, fun and rides like always, and some new stuff," said Warren Peachey, president of the New Holland Farmers Day Association.
Peachey said about $20,000 in premiums will be handed out to residents entering their best fruits, vegetables, hand-made garments and other things in the various fair competitions.
Denny Sneath, man in picture, will drive his 1957 self-propelled baler in the parade. (picture by Marty Heisey/New Era) Click for complete details and information, By RYAN ROBINSON, Staff, Lancaster New Era

Pastor Kevin Beachy

Pastor Kevin and Kristal have been ministering to students at Centerpointe Church, Fairfax VA since January of 2001. Kevin is passionate about seeing students connect with God and each other. Kristal is a part-time tutor for Fairfax County and is finishing her Master's degree in elementary education. They live in Centreville, Virginia with their daughter Danica who was born in November 2005. Previous post June 23, 2006.
Click here to hear one or more of Kevin's sermons. (excellent)gb.
Centerpointe Church, web site for information.


Beachy Barns is a small family owned and operated business established in 1982. We serve all of central Ohio with high quality buildings at affordable prices. Management of the company is now in the second generation that has been with the company since its beginning with a combined experience of over 45 years.
Click here for location, and contact information.

Beachy Family Move to Pike County MO

In the fall of 1947 the Beachy family of Delaware, were the first Amish to move everything here and live here. The State Superintendent of Education granted them the permission to have their own schools. Maple Branch School began in 1948 with 10-12 school age children. This schoolhouse was located on the Dan Beachy Farm. Click here for more information about the Amish community in Pike County, Missouri.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mennonites Going West

Mennonites from Kentucky and Tennessee along with a local Mennonite family are working to establish a settlement on the Queen Charlotte Islands. The Islands are 70 miles off the coast and are the most westerly point in Canada. Livestock is moved by barge on the water and led by a pickup truck on land, under the watchful eye of the Mennonite lady on foot.

Eli Beachy's Wedding

The above picture was taken in Port Clements B.C. Canada, Sept 1, 2007. Eli and Jessica's wedding day. Other family members are, Eli's parents, Craig and Colleen Beachy, along with brother Clint, and sister Stephanie. Congratulations Eli and Jessica, may God give you a long and happy life together. (from grandma & grandpa beachy)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jim Beachy, Biker

"When I walk up to another biker in a parking lot and we’re both far from home, there’s an immediate connection, a shared experience, a knowledge that we’ve both braved the elements, navigated all the turns, and felt the same exhilaration a motorcycle offers. Often we have shared some of the same rides."
Read all about Jim's bike trip from Virgina to PEI and Nova Scotia Canada and back home, the summer of 2007. Complete with maps and detailed discription, really great!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Old Order Amish Church 1881

The Niverton Old Order Amish church which was built in 1881 near Springs MD (further down the hill on the Niverton Road from the Cross Roads School) where Joel and Annie (Hershberger) Beachy were married on March 8, 1925. To read more about Leland and his many accomplishments and view his pictures click here. Thanks Lee for sharing with us. [editor's comment, I was unaware that the Old Order Amish ever built church houses.comments anyone? ]

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Beachy (Bietche) Farm late 1700s

This picture was taken from the farm lane of one of the two farms purchased by Peter (I) and Peter (II) after they relocated to the Springs area in the late 1700s. This farm lies along the Mason-Dixon line. The state line between PA and MD. The view is from PA looking down into the valley which is in MD. Photo submitted by Leland Joel Beachy. Click to see more of Leland's photos. The descendants of Joel D. and Annie (Hershberger) Beachy met in Garrett County Maryland in August 2007 for a reunion and a history tour of local points of interest in the Springs, PA and Grantsville, MD area. Thanks Leland for sharing this information with us. For more information about the Beachy (Bitsche) name read the header at the top of this blog.
Click for more information about the Mason Dixon line.

Patricia Beachy

Beachy was selected Outstanding Teacher of the Year at the recent 2007 Maryland Teachers Association conference in Annapolis.
Beachy also received the Ideas Unlimited Award from MATA in 2005 and won the 2006 National Association of Agricultural Educators Region VI National Ideas Unlimited Award -- for a lesson with her ag science class called "Fear Factor Crops." Read the rest of the story by Ike Wilson, News-Post Staff Photo by Graham Cullen

Saturday, August 25, 2007

RyHanna Beachy,

August 18th 2007, Bonners Ferry Fair, Idaho State: RyHanna Beachy wins a first place Blue Ribbon in the junior division, for her chocolate cake. Way to go RyHanna!

Monday, August 20, 2007

William Peachey, Idaho

August 18/07, William Peachey and sons, with the aid of a truck crane, successfully put the roof back into place. Way to go guys!
Details about the wind storm damage posted below, July 4/07.

Carrie Peachey, Idaho

"Big Valley Mini Bales" If a small bale is what you need they can be purchased from Carrie Peachey Porthill Idaho, ph. # 208-267-7999. Peachey had a regular size baler altered to produce a small hay bale that weighs app. 10 pounds. This baler pops out a bale every foot as it travels down the windrow. Amazing idea put to use.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Beachy Family

August 19, 2007, Kalona OH.
Jeannie & Ernie Beachy, Darren Beachy, Evan Beachy, Vern Beachy. This family picture was taken at the Oba and Mary Ann Miller reunion in Kalona. The late grandma Anna May Miller was married to Ray Beachy who passed away in 2001.
Vern is well known for his no holds barred blogspot, click to view his Raves. More about Vern and his pictures click here.

Alton Beachy

Alton Beachy, (on left) A panel of speakers talked and answered questions at Friday’s Conklin AgroVantage Field Day in Fredericktown.
In his comments to the farmers, Beachy emphasized the importance of taking care of the soil and feeding all the microbes living in it. “Respect the soil and feed it,” Beachy said. “I’ve always said that I’m a livestock farmer. I feed millions of head of livestock, but I never see them.”
The Plain City corn farmer said that since he started taking care of his soil by balancing the nutrients in it, his worm population has increased, which keeps the soil aerated and ideal for plants taking root. That, combined with the right balance of major and minor nutrients, has improved both the yield and the quality of his crops. “You just have to pay attention to details,” Beachy said." Click to read the complete story.
Mount Vernon News - Mount Vernon OH USA. Friday, August 17, 2007 By Mark Jordan , News Staff Reporter

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jodi Beachy

WARREN OH — A group of former Delphi Packard employees now are saying they regret taking the buyout/early retirement packages.... Jodi Beachy is among a group of former employees planning a meeting of people who took the buyout or an early retirement package to strategize what can be done to either get their jobs back or to obtain additional benefits from the company.
"It was a stressful time,’’ Beachy said of the 45-day period in July and August 2006 that employees had to make their decisions to take the buyout and/or early retirement." Read the complete article, by RAYMOND L. SMITH Tribune Chronicle.Warren, OH.

Steve Beachy

Collage Station Texas
"Why have a park at all? That's a good, fundamental question. It gets back to quality of life, but it goes beyond that," Beachy said. "It goes into the realm of economic development." Read the complete article by April Avison Eagle Staff Writer

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Kevin Beachy County Engineer

— CUMBERLAND - Following the deadly bridge collapse in Minneapolis late Wednesday afternoon, bridge safety was on the minds of many government officials Thursday morning. Our bridges are inspected every two years under federal law and that is coordinated through County Engineer Kevin Beachy. We get the inspection reports and are contacted if there are any problems. They all passed inspection. Click to read the full story in the Cumberland Times-News by Jeffrey Alderton.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Captain Phillip L. Beachy

Asbury Park, NJ, USA. LAKEHURST — For the Navy community here, Friday marked the continuation of an old service tradition, and a bittersweet welcome and sendoff for two of its commanding officers. His successor, Capt. Phillip L. Beachy, strode into a traditional change-of-commander ceremony, to the sound of a bell and bosun's pipe from the age of sail, flanked by sailors in the multicolored work shirts of a nuclear aircraft carrier. And when he spoke, Beachy spoke of what many in the base gymnasium were thinking. "As many of you know, there's someone missing today," said Beachy, whose wife, Angela, died Feb. 16 at the age of 44 after a battle with cancer. The Beachy family is very active in the First Presbyterian Church of Toms River. "I can't tell you how important my faith has been, especially these last couple of years," Beachy said as his daughter, Amanda, looked on. In the close world of families on a naval base, spouses are an important part of the community. Phillip and Angela Beachy had been together for 20 years, from his early days as a helicopter pilot. "I used to tell her she was much more suited to be a C.O.'s (commanding officer's) wife than I was qualified to be a C.O.," Beachy told the audience. "She would have done so well." Click for full story by KIRK MOORE TOMS RIVER BUREAU. Asbury Park Press - Asbury Park, NJ, USA
More details about Capt. Phillip L. Beachy's career and awards.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Beachy Girl - 2007 Whenuwishuponastar Final

BEACHY GIRL DOMINATES STAR FINAL Shes A Great Lady Stake with a flawless victory. Beachy Girl won by two and one-quarter lengths over last week’s winner. Beachy Girl is trained by Joe Seekman who co-owns along with Hal Hewitt of Versailles, Kentucky. Tonight’s win increased her seasonal bankroll to just over $50,000. Click to read full article by Greg Blanchard. I wonder how she would do pulling a buggy?

Thursday, August 02, 2007


The reunion was held July 27-29, 2007 at the Rock Eagle Conference facility in Eatonton GA. It was hosted by Elizabeth Lyles and her family. It kicked off Friday night at the home of Margo (great granddaughter) & Jerry McClain, who hosted a cookout for everyone. Next morning after breakfast, a video commemorating the life of Florence Hostetler, daughter of Eli C. Beachy was viewed. Through out the afternoon time was spent visiting and viewing photo/memory/genealogy/history books of the Beachy family.There were fifty in attendance. In the evening after dinner there was a worship service, and family introductions, also a sharing time where different ones shared a memory or story about Eli C. or Mary Ann (Kauffman) Beachy. Weather was in the high 80's with a hard rain Saturday night. Reunion closed Sunday morning after a devotional, and time of worship. Thanks to Candice Knight granddaughter of Eli C. for the information.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jacob Noah Beachy

Age 3, of Mableton, GA, passed away after complications from heart surgery Saturday, July 21, 2007 at Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH. He is survived by his parents, Joshua and Sarah (Fisher) Beachy of Mableton, GA; a sister, Elyse M. Beachy;
Click to read obit and sign guest book.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kirsten Eve Beachy, new faculty member....

at Eastern Mennonite University when the fall semester classes begin Aug. 29, 2007.
Kirsten Eve Beachy, assistant professor of English. Beachy earned a BA with a double major in theater and in philosophy and theology from EMU and an MFA in creative writing from West Virginia University. She has experience as a teacher, writer and journalist.
Kirsten Beachy’s fiction and creative nonfiction have appeared in The Tusculum Review, Dreamseeker Magazine, and WriterAdvice. She writes and edits for eightyone magazine.
Click to read her article in the Dreamseeker Magazine,

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Galen Beachy, said the new pickup.....

truck that burned had only 100 miles on its odometer and had been received by the township Monday. To read the rest of the story Click.

Eli R. Beachy author of the "Medina County Home---Those Early Years 1855 - 1935"

The year was 1855 and Franklin Pierce was President of the United States. In Medina County, Ohio, it was time to do something about the poor by opening the County Infirmary.”
Chippewa Lake author Eli R. Beachy ably sets the mood for the information he is about to impart to his readers. “The Medina County Home — Those Early Years 1855-1935,” What follows, then, is a detailed accounting of the history of the Medina establishment that opened in January of 1855 and “… remains an active, viable and vital element of the county in 2007.”
The author, who respects the facility and its operation, is donating all the profits to the Friends of the Medina County Home. The book can be purchased through the County Home office and the cost is $20. For more information, call Lynn Remington at 330-723-9951.

Information from Sandra Fahning | Special to The Gazette Posted: Friday, July 13th, 2007 Fahning may be reached at or

Ben Beachy, Free Trade's Dead End in Nicaragua

Ben Beachy is an educator with Witness for Peace in Nicaragua. Witness for Peace is a politically independent, grassroots organization that educates U.S. citizens on the impacts of U.S. policies and corporate practices in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Thanks to over a decade of international campaigns, many U.S. consumers know most of their clothes are made in developing world assembly plants known as “maquilas” that routinely violate workers’ rights. Pointing out the abusive and illegal conditions at these factories is often met with the following matter-of-fact rebuttal: Click here to read Ben's complete article.