Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kirsten Eve Beachy -- Lives, writes, and dabbles in theology in Briery Branch, Virginia.

"Dream Seekers Magazine"
Autum 2005, Volume 5, Number 4 Report From Amish country by Kristen.
The man behind the bullet-proof glass in the hotel lobby asks if we’ve ever been to Holmes and Tuscarawas counties before. We shake our heads. We’re here on family business. We want to visit the historical society and ferret out information on Jonas Stutzman, who dressed in white from his hat to his shoes. "Jonas Stutzman believed Jesus would return in 1853 and set up office in Holmes County, so he built a chair for him. The seat is six inches higher than normal because Christ should be above everyone else," Jonas is long gone, but the chair still waits for Jesus. Click here to read the complete report. Kirsten earned her MFA in creative writing at West Virginia University. She is Assistant Professor Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia. click to read more about Kirsten.