Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Penny Peachey & Alan Butler to Wed New Year's Eve

Picture Courtesy Penny Peachey
Couple to wed at Westgate Ciry Center in Glendale on New Year Eve
Alan Butler, 42, and Penny Peachey, 30, met and shared their first kiss at Westgate's New Year's Eve party on Dec. 31, 2008
"From the minute after we kissed, it was like we'd known each other forever," Butler said. "We just hit it off, like they say."
Click to read a fairy tale romance in the Arizona Republic by Amy B. Wang Dec. 29, 2009

Dean Beachy's Quantum King Leo

>>Update<< Jan. 5, 2010
Quantum King Leo led at every call and pocket-sitting favorite Chust Chudy could not close on the winner. Carolina Raider was third. The win was the 9th this season for Beachy's trotter, Click to read the article in the harnesslink.com

Dean Beachy's Quantum King Leo ($62.00) shocked the harness racing field in Saturday's $6,000 Open Trot at Northfield, grinding out a 1:58.4 win that saw driver Dan Charlino follow cover from Celebrity Wonder and then go three-wide at three-quarters to challenge leader Carolina Raider before getting up by half a length at the wire. Click for more By Keith Gisser in Harnesslink Dec. 29/09

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bishop Lester Beachy Liberty KY

Like people in other rural farming communities, people here rely on their cars and trucks for almost all their transportation needs, whether that means shopping or worshipping. But for Beachy, a bishop in an Amish-Mennonite congregation, and others in his religious community of about 200 people statewide, driving has created a new problem. Their faith allows them to get behind the wheel, but not sit for a driver's license photo as state law requires. Members of Beachy's enclave -- one of at least three in the state -- must now decide whether to bow to the demands of national security and keep driving or stand firm for a religious principle. Click for more by Joe Biesk Associated Press Writer

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wilbert H. Beachy Somerset Attorney

Wilbert H. Beachy III, 58, will be disbarred on consent effective Jan. 15. Elaine Bixler, secretary for the state Supreme Court’s disciplinary board, said being disbarred on consent means the attorney agreed to the action, a move attorneys only make if they were facing misconduct charges. Click for more information By Michelle Ganassi, Daily American Online

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Monroe Beachy, Sugarcreek, Ohio

Monroe Beachy, an accountant in Sugarcreek, Ohio, who works with Amish-owned businesses.
The Amish faith also discourages individuals from settling disputes in court. Click to read the complete article. "A Durham tie to the Amish?" By Ted Evanoff Indianapolis Star December 23, 2009
Picture credit

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Abram and Saloma Peachey, Riceville Iowa

Peachey's Family Market opened on Nov. 24, 2008. The managers, Abram and Saloma Peachey, are relatives of the Zimmermans. They moved from Pennsylvania to run the store. "We feel that the grocery store complements our hardware store," Zimmerman said. Click to read more By Jean Caspers-Simmet Agri News staff writer, 12/22/2009 10:41 AM

Charles Beachy, Winner Again

Click to read the details about "The Go Seek" contest, and the winners.

Caleb Beachy, 11 Points

There were three Raiders in double figures led by sophomore Terry Rozier with 14 points. Also contributing in double figures were junior Otis Barrow with 12 points and sophomore CALEB BEACHY with 11 points. Click for more in Sun News, December 17, 2009 10:33 a.m. Cleveland.com High School Sports Article.

Autum Beachy

The Barons lost Autumn Beachy and Brianne Rinehart to fouls. Click to read more about this exicitng game.

CNA Julei Peachey, Galesburg

CNA JULIE PEACHEY, Galesburg, won the Director’s Choice Award. As the name suggests, Kelly chose the winner of that award. “I am proud to have all ... of these fine women working with me and providing quality care and services to our facility,” Kelly said. Click for more in the Galesburg Register-Mail. Posted Dec 19, 2009 @ 05:39 PM

Tai Peachy Galesburg

“We were all thinking it, but Coach Massey didn’t say anything,” said junior guard TAI PEACHEY, who finished with 11 points and went 8-for-8 from the free-throw line in the fourth. “We were all thinking it and saying, ‘Let’s do it for him.’”
Massey became the third girls basketball coach in state history to win 700 games as the Streaks clicked from start to finish in an 87-65 victory over Canton on Monday night. Click for more By AARON FREY The Register-Mail Posted Dec 21, 2009 @ 09:28 PM Last update Dec 22, 2009 @ 05:02 PM.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Stephen Beachy "Amish Abstrations"

Having actually slept under frumpier and more polyester Amish quilts — ones my Amish grandmother and cousins made — I came to this show with low expectations. The quilts, however, are stunning.
The collectors of these quilts were initially drawn to them by their similarity to works by 20th century abstract artists.
Click for more BY STEPHEN BEACHY San Francisco Bay Guardian Wednesday December 9, 2009

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Peyton Beachy for Galion

Freshman Peyton Beachy scored 13 points to lead the way for Galion, with Whitlee Chatman tacking on five points and Tiffany Reed scoring four. Whitlee Chatman also pulled down 13 rebounds while Beachy recorded three steals.
Click for more By Jeremy Burkhart Inquirer Correspondent. Wednesday, December 2, 2009.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Charles Beachy Congratulations in "Go Seek"

Charles Beachy has been successful more than once in his identifications in the "Go Seek" contest. It is time to give him recognition on Beachy Echoes. Congratulations Charles!
The location of Go Seek last week was at Chandler & Rudd as it was in its last days of operation. It was a tough one as only two readers made the correct identification. They were Pat Pope and CHARLES BEACHY
Click for more By Sun News staff Cleveland, OH December 03, 2009, 5:00AM

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Shannon Peachey, Meyersdale PA

Stealing a bank card belonging to SHANNON PEACHEY on Sept. 23 while Peachey’s car was parked on Sherman Street in Meyersdale. Click for more in the Daily American, Somerset County Newspaper.Tuesday, December 1, 2009 10:08 PM EST Picture credits

Dean Beachy Is The Event's Director.

Dixie Draft Horse & Carriage Auction, "This is where the cowboys come for their Christmas shopping."
BEACHY comes in from Ohio twice a year to host the Dixie. "This is big," he said. "For a lot of people this is their big vacation." Beachy said some 700 horses, donkeys and ponies and about 200 carriages changed hands via the auction. He said the price range on the horses was from about $400 to $5,000. "It's the auction that brings them in," Beachy said. "But there is a lot going on here." Click for more By Jim McNally Statesville Record & Landmark
Regan Hill photo