Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Grandson Luke in Botswana, "I Couldn't Believe It"

Last night at 3 am, I heard what sounded like gravel being poured onto the roof, as I had heard so many times before here in Botswana when it rains, but this time it was a little different... The longer I listened the harder it got, and it began to actually sound like rocks, I got up at about 3:15 to look out the window. I couldn't believe it, it was hailing! I haven't seen snow for a year and a half, and this was the closest thing that Botswana will ever get to snow! It was quite a neat experience and a bit refreshing to one who's missing snow. [a true Canadian] Thanks Luke for your letter and great picture.

Trent Beachy Golden Colorado, Injured Firefighter Update

Beachy Echoes post on January 06 reported Trent Beachy of Golden Colorado was seriously injured during the 2008 Thanksgiving weekend road trip to the midwest.
April 25, 09, Trent's grandfather sent this update along with the picture.

>>"Great news and the picture tells the entire story. Mike did some
modification of the fly reel building it up with acrylic from the
dental office and also rigging a velcro strap which enables Trent to
fly fish. It was a great day for father and son and I am sure they
both appreciate fly fishing for trout more than ever. This photo sure
represents the answer to prayer. Enjoy. Gramp Beachy"<<
Thanks Larry for sharing with us.