Friday, May 07, 2010

Lydia Beachy Wins Scholarship Award.

Lydia a student at Wentzville MO High. Was awarded a scholarship by the city for her painting of a Fire Hydrant. This years theme was "The World Under Water" Five students are selected from each school to produce their proposal. One winner is declared from each High School. Congratulations Lydia!

Bryan Beachy Baseball Tiger IN

The Tiger 8-run barrage was led off by Turner being hit by Eastern's Brandon Hainlen's pitch. The next batter, Abe Ridlen hit a deep blast passed the center field fence to bring Turner home. Bryan Beachy, Trevor Gibson, Tanner Martin, Derek Mumaw, Matt Adams, Luke Miller and Austin Henderson each singled in succession and were brought home as the Tigers notched 8 runs in the fifth inning. Click for more details by Peter Adelsen Kokomo Prespective May 6, 2010. Prespective/Photo

Illinois Kim Beachy West Coast Swing

“Couples don’t dance West Coast in a circle like they do in ballroom,” says Kim Beachy, who teaches West Coast Swing on Tuesday nights in the basement of Jerome United Methodist Church. Beachy, whose day job is with the State Board of Education, has studied dance since childhood and began teaching professionally about eight years ago. She says West Coast Swing is her passion. Click to read more By Julie Cellini, Illinois Times Thursday May 6, 2010.