Friday, September 01, 2006

Welcome to Allamanda House

Larry & Carol Beachy of Goshen In. have the perfect spot for your dream vacation.
Located in the settlement of Hopetown, Allamanda House is perfect for those who want both the natural beauty of the islands and the colorful local town-life. This Bahamian cottage is newly renovated and was formerly owned by a local constable.
Click for a grand tour of Allamanda House and cay.

C & C Beachy Contracting Ltd.

The scene at Tow Hill Road Monday, as protestors stopped a feller-buncher from working. Photo: Jana McLeod. [Full Story]Craig Beachy was falling trees along the road in preparation for the new power line, when local residents protested against the development. Even on an island seventy miles off the coast of British Columbia there are differences of opinions