Friday, August 29, 2008

James Peachey -- Lancaster PA

By JACK BRUBAKER, StaffLancaster Newspapers - Lancaster,PA,USA
The Lancaster Stockyards' old calf barn — or at least the best of what remains of the building — is going to Myerstown, Lebanon County.
The rest of the deteriorating remnants of what once was the largest stockyards east of Chicago will be carted away and ground into mulch.
A group of Amish from the Myerstown area spent today tearing out rafters, sideboards and anything else of value from one of the stockyards' largest buildings.
"We'll use it to build schools, or whatever," said James Peachey, a member of the volunteer force that used Zook's Welding equipment to rip into the sprawling barn that once held thousands of calves, sheep and goats. Click for the article, pictures and video. Lancaster Newspapers - Lancaster,PA,USA Staff writer Jack Brubaker can be reached at or 291-8781.

Travis Beachy -- Tremont Turks IL

Story updated: Aug 28, 2008 at 7:51 PM CDT
By Marc Strauss,
The first thing you notice about the Tremont Turks is the size of their offensive line. The Turks have two hogs, Josh Marron and TRAVIS BEACHY, who weigh over 260 pounds. And a third, in Justin Martin, whose not far behind. All that beef should put some muscle into the Tremont rushing attack. "We love to run the ball," said senior running back Austin Jenkins. " We’ve got the big line and we’ve got the big running backs. That’s what we’ve done the past three years and that’s what we stick to."But according to senior lineman Travis Beachy the Turks they also run out of necessity. Click here for the rest of the article, WEEK-TV - East Peoria,IL,USA