Monday, December 08, 2008

Tiffany Beachy

A beautiful Land Iguana from South Plazas Islet. Picture from Tiffany's blogspot,it was taken while she was in Galapagos. More amazing pictures on her web site and too read about her travels. Thanks Tiffany..

Sean Beachy’s ‘Rejoice and Exult’ Cantata

Sean Beachy of Grantsville Maryland, a doctorate of music student at West Virginia University, has written a new Christmas cantata, “Rejoice and Exult,” especially for his wife, Debi, and the United Community Choir.
Under the direction of Debi Beachy and accompanied by the composer, Sean Beachy on the organ, the cantata brings to life the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Click to read the complete article, with locations and dates of the performances in Cumberland Times-News December 05, 2008 10:08 am

Larry Beachy Summarizes His Family's Thoughts on Global Warming

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I promised to summarize the global warming letters that I received.
Basically everyone agreed that we are having global warming. What is
causing it and how to treat it we disagreed upon. Some felt in spite
of best efforts here in North America we can't do anything about it,
because other countries, ( China and Russia and don't forget the
sheep in New Zealand) will keep pouring pollutants into the
atmosphere. So with out saying it we all agree that we need to work
on a global solution. ( The United States has failed to sign the
global agreement to stop pollutants.) Will the reduction in fossil
fuel and lower emissions make a difference? Will better and stronger
environmental laws and controls help?
Here we were divided. Some felt the present government has brought
us to the present conditions, others felt keep the government out of it.
Brad wrote and interesting letter with footnotes backing up his
opinions and a great illustration of thinking on two or three levels
not just the surface. I was going to print his letter but because of
the length of this family letter I will be glad to forward his letter
to anyone who would like to read it.
My take on the issue is that we are witnessing a more than normal
global warming - more than in the past history of the universe. We
can't place blame or give up on trying to do something about it. We
must accept responsibility for being our Brothers keeper and each of
us need to do our part. Good environmental practices are not only
good for the future they are also good for us- now. My parents
admonished me always to try to do good, if you make an error at least
you are trying to do the right thing!