Thursday, March 12, 2009

Joe Beachy not worried about his house floating away.

What appears to be a precarious site on Highway 1 on the south side of the English River is a home owned by Joe Beachy. Though flood waters have circled his 14-year-old home and a good portion of his backyard was submerged, Beachy said he wasn't worried Tuesday about his house floating away. Beachy said the house was constructed after the 1993 record-breaking flood and additional fill dirt was added to bring the yard above that crest level. Though heavy rains can cause water problems in his basement, he added, it is taken care of by a sump pump. He noted that while the front yard may look low, it is at the same elevation as A Avenue in Kalona.
Kalona flooding. Click for more By: Dan Ehl in the Kalona News - Kalona,IA,USA