Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Terry Beachy, Coordinator

Mountaintop Truck Driving Institute, the branch of Garrett College is emphasizing the current need for drivers in the state and the benefits of such a job. "We see people working fast-food jobs at minimum wage," Terry Beachy, coordinator, said, "and truck drivers can work and earn $38,000 to $40,000. People can find jobs around here with anyone that delivers a product locally."
Instructor Jack Gauntz, standing, and student Ronald Shaffer go over some of the fine points of learning to drive a tractor-trailer. Click for the rest of the article, Sarah Moses/Cumberland Times-News

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tim Beachy B.C. Canada

Tim Beachy is the CEO of the Co-op. He has more than 30 years in the non-profit sector. Prior to founding the Co-op, Tim held the position of Vice President of United Way of Canada and Executive Director of the Community Social Service Employers Association of B.C. Tim leads the Co-op’s Strategic Consulting Partnership and works directly with many organizations that are undertaking co-operative and enterprising development. Click for more about Tim.

Irene Beachy, baker at 'The Olde Mill'

The Olde Mill Restaurant’s goal was to create something that no one else in the market had. Bakers like Irene Beachy come in at 3 a.m. every morning to prepare bread, sweet rolls, cinnamon buns, cupcakes and other treats. Beachy said baking brings a sense of calm and accomplishment.
“We enjoy it,” Beachy said.
"Where else do you get freshly baked homemade bread that comes with Amish-made peanut butter and strawberry jam?" said carpenter Roy Hash.
Photo by Hunter Wilson/Daily News
The Olde Mill owners Lawrence Baer (from left), Steven Hostetler and Leonard Baer stand in front of the eatery at 102 Armory Drive in Russellville, KY. Click to read the article by Ameerah Cetawayo, The Daily News

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jonathan Beachy

Culture for Service Award will be presented to Goshen College alumni Jonathan W. Beachy ’72 of San Antonio, Texas, The Culture for Service Awards, given annually, honor Goshen College graduates who have made lifelong commitments to service, which can take many forms.
In total, Beachy and his family spent over 30 years in Paraguay. During this time, Beachy worked as a nurse, chaplain, translator and mentor, among other things. “My Mennonite roots, and education prior to and at Goshen, were crucial in connecting me to service, to living simply, to being a peacemaker, to caring about society’s ‘rejects,’” he said. Click to read more about Jonathan's calling in life and his family.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Kenneth Beachy

GIBSON CITY, Workers clean up grain spilled from a semi-truck trailer after a train hit the trailer. Picture for the Pantagraph/SARAH BACHTOLD.
No one was injured when a grain truck was hit by an eastbound train about 4:40 p.m. Wednesday at Illinois 47 and 9 near Gibson City. Kenneth Beachy, 48, of Foosland, was hauling grain for Birky Farms. The train hit the trailer, cutting it in half. Click to read the complete story by Pantagraph staff.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Warren Peachey, Lancaster County PA

New Holland Farmers Fair opens Wed. Oct 3, 2007."Come out for good food, fun and rides like always, and some new stuff," said Warren Peachey, president of the New Holland Farmers Day Association.
Peachey said about $20,000 in premiums will be handed out to residents entering their best fruits, vegetables, hand-made garments and other things in the various fair competitions.
Denny Sneath, man in picture, will drive his 1957 self-propelled baler in the parade. (picture by Marty Heisey/New Era) Click for complete details and information, By RYAN ROBINSON, Staff, Lancaster New Era

Pastor Kevin Beachy

Pastor Kevin and Kristal have been ministering to students at Centerpointe Church, Fairfax VA since January of 2001. Kevin is passionate about seeing students connect with God and each other. Kristal is a part-time tutor for Fairfax County and is finishing her Master's degree in elementary education. They live in Centreville, Virginia with their daughter Danica who was born in November 2005. Previous post June 23, 2006.
Click here to hear one or more of Kevin's sermons. (excellent)gb.
Centerpointe Church, web site for information.


Beachy Barns is a small family owned and operated business established in 1982. We serve all of central Ohio with high quality buildings at affordable prices. Management of the company is now in the second generation that has been with the company since its beginning with a combined experience of over 45 years.
Click here for location, and contact information.

Beachy Family Move to Pike County MO

In the fall of 1947 the Beachy family of Delaware, were the first Amish to move everything here and live here. The State Superintendent of Education granted them the permission to have their own schools. Maple Branch School began in 1948 with 10-12 school age children. This schoolhouse was located on the Dan Beachy Farm. Click here for more information about the Amish community in Pike County, Missouri.