Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Abraham Beachy Stone House West Salisbury PA

Abraham Beachy was born in 1758 in Basel Switzerland. He came to America when he was nine years old, along with his father Peter Bitsche, step mother Rosina Willi, step sister Anna and two brothers, Moses age 8 and Peter age 14. Abraham Beachy died in 1834 and is buried in the Beachy Cemetery not far from this stone house.
One sourse of information tells us that Abraham built this Stone houes for his only child, a son, Peter. A date stone bearing the year 1809 and the builder's name, I.J. Fuller, is high in the gable end of the house.
"Historical Resources" Tell us how Abraham Beachy was a miller, cooper, papermaker, tanner, shoemaker, and farmer. Near this home Abraham Beachy and his son Peter built a tub mill on what is now known as Tub Mill Run. The mill processed feed and flour for a large area and also produced paper.
We visited this stone house on a Sunday afternoon July 19, 2009. No one was home so my picture taking was limited to a few pictures on the outside.
This was only one of the many highlights of our trip. To pursue all the Beachy history in this area would take a lot more time than what we had to spend there. (posted by Glen Beachy editor of this blog)