Saturday, May 15, 2010

Phillip Beachy Bonners Ferry Idaho

In the picture Phil just finished explaining how he chose the numbers N915PB for his home built plane shown in the picture. N is required by US law for all planes in this category. 91 is the year Phil married his wife Jennifer. 5 is the number of children they have. PB is Phil Beachy's initials. Should never forget that number.
He has recently taken it on the maiden flight, "it is fun to fly" Phil said. This picture was taken at the Bonners Ferry airport inside the hanger built and owned by Phil and his brother Dan, who also has his own plane. Two more brothers in Missouri, Dennis and Ronnie have planes of their own. Ronnie built his from a kit. A flying family for sure. They are the sons of Elmer & Millie (Mast) Beachy of Florida.