Friday, May 13, 2011

Author Leroy Beachy, Book "Unser Leit" The Story of the Amish

Here it is!
After twenty plus years of extensive research, traveling, and writing; the long
awaited story of the Amish is ready for your customers. Unser Leit is unique in a number of ways. Presenting the past in gifted story telling fashion makes it appealing, not only to the dedicated historian, but also to the casual reader
who wonders about the Amish origin and their growth. Delightfully detailed illustrations are lavishly spread throughout and the reader friendly format is well thought through. In 35 years of operating the Gospel Bookstore, I have never seen a book on the subject as concise and complete as Unser Leit. This two-volume set should be on everyone’s bookshelf, especially those of Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren heritage. We all will read, reread, and study this work for the remainder of our days. This book has been needed for hundreds of years. Thank you, Leroy, for your lifetime of work. Eli J. Hochstetler, Mennonite, bookstore owner. Click here for details and to order.